TROUP Genius Method


TROUP Genius is a 3 phased approach

Through years of market research, trending and data analysis, TROUP has developed a 3 Phased Approach to applying Genius the talents of our clients. This approach is streamlined, unique, and proven effective in delivering our clients genius level results.


The Discovery Phase is a Career Information Gathering process.

Information regarding the client's career is gathered based on a questionnaire that is filled out, as well as an interview, where we review and elaborate on the points brought out in the questionnaire.  The final stage of the information gathering process is for TROUP to conduct independent research concerning the client, to gather details such as current Brand Identity and Internet Presence.

The most important information that's gathered is the Clients' Goals.  TROUP values the uniqueness qualities and goals of each client, and strives to understand those goals in order to custom tailor our services.


A Career Profile and Assessment is created based on the information gathered in the Discovery Phase.

This assessment details the Current Position of the client’s career, in relation to their short term and long term career goals.

A ranking is assigned (on a scale of 0-5) in four Career Categories. Each category has a number of subcategories that are assessed individually, to comprise the Total Category Ranking. The four Career Categories Are

For greater detail on the four Career Categories, please visit the Career Categories section of the Services Menu


The Genius Career Plan is created, detailing strategies for goal achievement.

The Career Plan will provide specific, detailed strategies on how to achieve the artists’ goals in each of the 4 Career Categories.

The Career Plan is an extremely detailed plan of action, custom tailored to each client. It includes the steps that should be taken to achieve the goals in each of the four Career Categories, explains the rationale behind each plan of action, and most importantly, gives detailed instructions and examples on HOW to achieve each goal in a given category.